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Beasto Blanco


“Chuck Garric is one of those seemingly dangerous and elusive figures who is always doing something cutting edge behind closed doors. Always writing, creating, destroying…who knows what else. He’s a man of many talents and as expected, Chuck’s new band Beasto Blanco has really hooked me. It may come as a shock to you, but I love rock with an edge… And Beasto Blanco has an edge like a switchblade.”
–Alice Cooper

Beasto Blanco is:

Chuck Garric (Vocals, Guitar)
Calico Cooper (Vocals, Theatrics)
Brother Latham (Lead Guitar)
Jan LeGrow (Bass Guitar, Background Vocals)
Tim Husung (Drums, Background Vocals)

Born from the Mountain Mud and Desert Sun …
Beasto Blanco was formed in 2012 by Chuck Garric and Brother Latham. They set out to create a raw, powerful, rock & roll band with a searing, theatrical live experience. Enter Calico Cooper, rock vixen and the spawn of Garric’s boss, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper and a renegade German rhythm section and Beasto Blanco’s inimitable sound and image emerged.